Your wedding in the Sun


Your wedding in the Sun

A simple celebration and a chic venue to host your wedding Puglia style. A Wedding Puglia Style is total white, country chic, lots of olive trees and authenticity. Imagine capturing the beauty of a wedding celebrated in a private Masseria, marrying amongst the olive groves or on a wild, white sandy beach.

Its turquoise sea, breathtaking panoramas, mediterranean food, vivid colors’ contrasts, make Puglia the perfect setting for a top Italian wedding with family and friends.

Each single detail and moment of a wedding celebrated in Puglia captures the beauty of this incredible southern Italian paradise wrapped by an amazing blue sky, light blue sea view, carpets of olive trees, vineyards and a lifestyle that has no comparisons with other Italian regions.

The wedding venues in Puglia are just gorgeous, the best you could possibly imagine for your bespoke wedding in Italy: every and each of them celebrates extreme beauty outside of time, a story of never ending simplicity and elegance: a backdrop that you can find nowhere else in the world.

Pampering your guests with a wedding in Puglia will surely create memories that will last a lifetime: its unique style, beauty and enchanting charme will blow you away.


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