Let’s go to Lecce

Let’s go to Lecce

YLTOUR DMC helps you find the best tours, attractions, restaurants, wine bars, markets, hotels, shopping districts, neighbourhoods. Lecce is bustling, vibrant and full of life.  The whole Salento area, with Lecce as its “capital”, consists of several “paesi” each with its own particular character and ambiance.

With its picturesque old town, rich history and vibrant cultural scene, Lecce, the main Salento hub, is one of Italy’s most unique city destinations.

There’s a never ending selection of things to do in Lecce and Salento in any weather: so whether you’re visiting for the weekend or for a week, make sure to arrange the essential checklist of the best attractions and unmissable experiences.

Each area of Salento and Lecce itself has its own character and charm and its own unique variety of shops, restaurants, hotels, cafes, coastal towns, hidden spots and attractions. Take time to discover the unique chemistry of this southern Italy gem.

Drink the traditional aperitif at your best Lecce hour, taste a warm pasticciotto pastry bread and espresso, wear your favourite sunglasses and let the sunshine kiss you, discover the wonders of Baroque, have a chat with local people.

In search of the perfect beach? The beaches of Salento are some of the best in the world, at least that’s what the locals say and the landscape speaks for itself. During your search for the perfect beach, don’t miss the gastronomic delights that local fishermen gather from the sea every day.

Ask our DMC to book activities such us cooking classes, wine tours, private tours and excursions.

We wish you a lovely stay in this amazing area of Puglia.


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