Salento, in the sunshine state

Salento, in the sunshine state

This vibrant southern part of Puglia, Salento, is a place apart with a lifestyle all its own.

So what gives this place its magic? It’s the fact the everything is simple and that you can immerse in different aspects of Puglia’s history by visiting its very cool towns that have stories to tell. For Travel Designer Ylenia Sambati, who assists Travel Agents from all over the world planning their ultimate Puglia vacation, it’s the fact that when you are in this southern gem of Italy you can think and dream while you’re walking.

It’s its hidden treasures, less known towns, pristine beaches, untouched nature and more.

It’s the way the locals, especially in spring and summer time, cheer every night when the sun sets along the Costa, with authentic Italian style scenes reminding you that you can still find happiness in this slow living, colorful streetscapes and slices of a vibrant life. It’s the many inspiring towns around Lecce, each offering its unique type of inspiration.

It’s the unstructured summer life, when people work, spend their time with their beloved ones and go to their favourite beach on their lunch breaks.

It’s how life and that sense of loving the simplest things, especially when related to food and wine, is experienced with the same enthusiasm, how Salentos’ natural beauty and free spirit attracts people you might ever expect.

Discover Puglia’s most colorful destination. Broaden your horizons.


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