About this package

The city of Lecce is unique for the elegance of its own style of Baroque architecture minutely detailed where the cult of beauty is the leading theme. Be enchanted by beautiful palaces, warm golden color of the local soft and compact limestone, the play of light on form, abundance of sculptures adorning the church facades, courtyards, noble palaces and monuments. Lecce’s Baroque mixes mythological creatures and fantastical figures with floral and fruit patterns, angels, dragons, saints, virgins and mythological animals.

The unique atmosphere refers to more than just Baroque, but rather its pace of life and pleasant atmosphere, yet at the same time is vibrant and festive. Taking a passeggiata in the historical town of Lecce is a feast for the eyes “lustrarsi gli occhi”.


A lifestyle that cures, calms, entertains and ignite your soul.

An atmosphere, an ambiance, a style reminding us that in the 17th Century, all eyes were focused on Lecce.

Wander in the alleyways, discover the angles and houses that may not even appear in the latest guidebook, let us take you there.


Bespoke Lecce walking tour “passeggiata” with local experts to show you around

The city’s unique and vibrant atmosphere

Exclusive access to private extraordinary homes and places

The personal touch: focused on genuine, experiential Lecce

Lifestyle: the sweet life, as it is lived by the leccesi

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