About this package

Take to the Puglia waters and sail along the Adriatic or Ionian coastline, enjoy a delicious lunch and open bar and snorkel in the gorgeous Salento waters. This experience is fun for everyone: a slow and relaxing day trip over the crystal clear sea of the Salento, along its stunning, white sandy coastline.


  • Enjoy a cruise off the waters of Salento (motorboat is also available)
  • Snorkel in the crystal clear waters
  • Enjoy a lunch and open bar onboard the ship
  • Roundtrip hotel transportation can be arranged
  • Experienced skippers
  • No sailing experience needed
  • If you’d like to pick up some sailing skills, your skippers can show you how
  • Or just kick back on deck and relax Salento style

Cruise to natural swimming pools where you will have time to relax, swim or have fun. Just feel the sound of the wind and waves, sit back and enjoy lunch onboard with personal attention from our skippers.

Special cruises Salento/Greece can be arranged as well.