About this package

Located in southern Puglia, the Salento Peninsula seduces with natural beauty, picturesque and colorful towns with tiny lanes, breathtaking seafront views, cross culture architecture and design and a way of living mainly inspired by simple, unpretentious pleasures.

The Salento Riviera is subdivided into the Riviera of the Adriatic Sea and the Riviera of the Ionian Sea with its two main towns of Otranto and Gallipoli. Named as an authentic paradise in Italy, the Salento Riviera also includes splendid promenades, sea front restaurants, lively cafes and artisanal shops.

This tour will also take you to the southernmost point of Italy, Leuca, which marks the point where the Adriatic and the Ionian Sea meet. When in Leuca, all you have to do is sitting next to the lighthouse and watch the seascape.

On your way down to Salento you should absolutely have this experience where history and sea make for a marvelous way of exploring the quiet and peaceful south in such a wonderful way that you never want to leave again.

Booking a car with driver for a personalized tour is definitely the most comfortable option.