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Travel through history in Puglia with castles, cathedrals, art cities, Romanesque Architecture, Imperial areas, Unesco Heritage Sites, Greek cities, white towns, Archaeological Sites, Barocco Leccese, Hidden Treasures, Modern Salento, must-see museums.

Puglia has been invaded by a number of tribes and civilizations. It was considered a real bridge between two worlds, a crossroads of peoples and culture, affecting the Western Roman-Germanic culture and the Eastern Greek-Byzantine and it has been part of several kingdoms and empires including Roman, Byzantine, Naples and Kingdom of Two Sicilies, before being integrated into Italy. Also Saracen pirates and Turks came to see what they might find.

This diversified history has resulted in preserving a good deal of linguistic, cultural and architectural variation.

If you wish to take our meaningful travel experience Artistic Heritage Tour of Puglia we will recommend different accommodation options in different areas of the region.

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