About this package

And so we have decided to make your Italian dream reality in Puglia.

When you visit Puglia you may find it to be like a film set…halfway between Brindisi and Lecce, there’s a tiny, charming village called Squinzano known for its secular wine production.

In the middle of the village, in the centro storico, there’s the beautiful and colorful Piazza Plebiscito, now also called “Piazza Dolce Vita”, settled by folks and authentic Italian scenes: the Confraternite, the Salumerie, the Bars, the Barbiere, anything you may think of, suggesting the pugliese sense of sweet life.

It is in this Piazza Dolce Vita that the cooking school Cookinpuglia is located and where the Dmc Yltour DMC has created for visitors and friends, the most incredible experiences, events for private groups, parties, weddings for all.

The Piazza Dolce Vita is like a tale of Puglia, where you can have your friends and family gather together, glasses in hand, lots of fun pictures, listening to Opera Music or Pizzica, play cooking with the Mums of Cookinpuglia and have a great time on board of an Ape Calessino.

Everything in this real Piazza breaths Italian lifestyle, authentic and village like atmosphere.

A perfect experience for private groups and weddings.

To book your private Piazza Dolce Vita event, please contact info@yltourdmc.com