About this package

Dinner in Piazza

Cookinpuglia and its iconic Piazza di Paese is the ideal setting for a private large group dinner or wedding, living the authentic summer vibes of the Salento area.

A traditional dinner with Pugliese foods and wines, vintage colored lights, local music and food cooked live: cheese maker, barbecues, mums of the little town making pasta by hand.

Celebrate your love or private large group in such a gorgeous ancient square of an old village among quaint little houses, with long tables Italian style, the “luminarie lights” and a band playing for you.

Unlike traditional venues, the Festa di Paese will allow you to experience an authentic southern Italian dinner in a real Piazza.

We will help you create a unique special event for your large group and wedding guests. Our Festa di Paese in Piazza can host up to 200 people.

Contact us to create your Festa di Paese Event.