Puglia’s Beauty

Puglia’s Beauty

Beauty is at home in Puglia. You can feel it everywhere around you. It is in the splendor of the stately mansions in the singular native baroque style. It is firmly established in the roots and ancient rhythms of the earth. Embraced between the Ionian and Adriatic seas, it is a harmonious meeting between East and West.

Puglia is the poetic expression of this Borderland suspended between two seas. A cultural synthesis between imaginative fiction, songs, legends, dances, food and rural landscapes.

Its’ beauty has been in constant evolution.  Over time it never ceases to surprise as it reconfigures with charismatic pulses of rare sobriety. Her identity with the East, displays deep cultural ties and emotions.

Small beaches dotted with coastal towers offer endless landscapes that reveal the refined and delicate nature of this mysterious land.

Unique looking Historical centers face small squares which seem suspended between dream and myth, where the rhythm flows sweet and slow. Patriarchs that bear witness to the noble soul of Puglia, sit about and are the testimony to their peasant roots. This is the beating heart of Puglia, the one from which everything originates: the food, the wine, the olive oil, the music, the songs dedicated to the wind and the prayers offered for a good harvest.

The climate, languidly caressing the olive trees, the winding country roads, the Baroque buildings, the farmhouses and country, the golden beaches sprinkled with a fine, white sand, and gentle undulating waves adorn the monuments and create harmonies which lull you with the feelings of falling in love.

The local rhythm, deep and refined, the ancestral dance of courtship and songs of rural life, resonate in our hearts as a cathartic ritual, while it offers just the gentle beauty carved by time and wind, romantic, invocative, deep and sensual.

Puglia, a tribute to great beauty.


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